National short-term consultant for Health GIS Specialist (01 Position)

(for a period of 6 months)

Purpose of the Post:

      The purpose of this consultancy is support geospatial mapping of health related data including Village Health Volunteer Mapping and mapping immunization related resources for micro-planning

Description of Duties:

      This role entails undertaking duty travel to the provinces and working with provincial and district health authorities in coordinating field data collection through surveys, cleaning data, data management and preparation of GIS representation of data. This role also includes capacity building of GIS to ministry of health staff

Output 1 : Routine mapping of COVID-19 cases and vaccination

      Deliverable 1.1 : Update daily maps of COVID-19 cases, quarantined population, numbers entering

through POEs

Deliverable 1.2 : Update health service availability for COVID-19 case management including human resources for health and equipment

Output 2:  Support to finalize geospatial mapping of health resources

Deliverable 2.1 : Finalize health facility map layer by coordinating and ensuring the collection of

missing coordinates of health facilities.

Deliverable 2.2 : Complete mapping of health catchment villages

Deliverable 2.3: Use spatial analysis tools to conduct health accessibility mapping and mapping of

health inequities

Deliverable 2.4 : Support capacity building in GIS for Ministry of Health staff

Output 3: Support village health volunteer mapping

Deliverable 3.1 : Work in partnership with UNICEF and the Clinton Health Access Initiative and

support the VHV mapping initiative in selected provinces

Deliverable 3.2 : Support to develop SOPs for the updating of VHV mapping data

Output 4: Geospatial data collection to support microplanning for vaccination in selected provinces

Deliverable 4.1 : Support to coordinate and map vaccination related resources such as vaccination posts, warehouses where vaccines are maintained in selected provinces

Deliverable 4.2 : Produce map layouts showing catchment population of each health facility in the selected provinces and coordinate printing and distribution of the maps to the relevant health facilities


Essential: Bachelors level degree in Geography/geomatics/Geographical Information Technology/Systems

            Desirable: Masters level degree in geomatics/Geographical Information Technology/Systems

Knowledge & skills:

      - Skilled in the use of standard GIS applications ArcGIS, QGIS and in dealing with GPS data

      - Computer applications such as MS Office

      - Good communication and coordination skills

Experience: At least 5 years of experience in advanced GIS applications

      Language:  Excellent proficiency in Lao and English


- Producing results

- Teamwork

- Communicating effectively

- Respecting cultural diversity

nterested and qualified candidates are invited to submit applications and curriculum vitae in the English language with a subject "National Short-term Consultant for Health GIS Specialist" to the following  Email address : by 17 June 2021. Applications without a proper subject might be disregarded.

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