Socio-economic impact assessment of COVID-19 on Lao PDR

In support of our collective efforts towards understanding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, UNDP on behalf of the UN Development System (UNDS) in Lao PDR, with guidance from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, undertook a socio-economic impact assessment between April and August 2020.

The study involved intensive consultations with a wide range of stakeholders, including government ministries, national bodies, business associations and chambers of commerce, and private sector representatives. Surveys of 1,200 households and 350 micro and small enterprises were also conducted in six provinces.

The evidence that has emerged from this assessment, and the many related impact assessments by other members of the UNDS has already been highly valuable in guiding the response of the Government and the UN, including the next five-year National Social Economic Development Plan (9th NSEDP), the UN Lao PDR Socio-Economic Response to COVID-19, and numerous programmatic interventions.

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